Required setup#


Please make sure to find some time to go through the below material before the hackweek.

Upon completion you:

Slack Account#

All of our communication throughout the hackweek will be done using the uwhackweek Slack workspace. With your invite to the hackweek, you should also have received a separate email to join the Slack workspace. Upon accepting the invite, please take a moment to complete your Slack profile. Having your name and picture with your Slack account helps us and your peers to identify you on Slack and builds a more personal community throughout the week.

EarthData Login#

We’ll have you download some data from NSIDC for your tutorials and projects. Visit the Earthdata help page and learn how to register, access, and login if you don’t already have an account!

GitHub Account#

Everyone attending uwhackweek will require obtaining a GitHub account. Visit the GitHub help pages if you are in need for an account!


We will offer all tutorials based on a JupyterHub environment. Please visit the Project Pythia Foundation Skills to learn more about the components of project Jupyter.

Specifically for the event, we will be using CryoCloud. To get started, please see the onboarding instructions to gain access.

Optional setup after you are logged in CryoCloud:

  • Earthdata authentication to automate data downloads: Configure a netrc file

  • Git authentication:

    All content of the hackweek will be shared via GitHub and interacting with the website will be done via the git command. See our Setting up on JupyterHub to configure your access.